Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston bombings

I haven't said anything about them yet because we know so little.  The news media are spouting a boatload of drivel, displaying their ignorance and prejudices to all and sundry.  (Don't you get the impression that MSNBC and their ilk are desperately hoping against hope that this can be pinned on the foes of the Obamessiah, like the Tea Party, or gun nuts, or people like that?  Furthermore, if the explosive used in the bombs turns out to be related in any way to gunpowder, or firearms propellant, or primers, then look for the anti-gunners to jump all over that, and try to ban or rigidly restrict the sale of reloading supplies.  They'll use any excuse to pursue their ends.)  About the only thing we can say for sure at this time is that the pressure-cooker construction of the bombs closely resembles techniques used by fundamentalist Muslim terrorists in Pakistan and elsewhere.  Basically, those who know more aren't talking, and those who are talking don't know any more.  Same old, same old.

This is, however, revealing moonbats coming out of the woodwork.  Did you see the wonderful collection of tweets amassed by Moonbattery?  Yes, Sarah Palin / Bushitler / whoever did it!  If there weren't dead to mourn and injured to support in Boston, one would laugh aloud . . . but not under the circumstances.

I'm also noting an attack with terrorist overtones in San Jose, California.  The press are calling it vandalism, but those of us with experience of terrorist tactics can recognize certain all too familiar elements.  It may, indeed, be only vandalism;  but it might also be something much worse.  For more information about what that might be, see here and here.  I haven't written much about such tactics, because I think some things are better and more safely left unsaid;  but the real bad guys know about them.  I've been a civil defense Sector Officer for a major central business district, and fought terrorism in and out of uniform for many years.  I'm watching intently for more of this sort of thing.  If it starts to spread . . . hold on to your hat.

Meanwhile, may those who died in Boston rest in peace;  may their survivors find what comfort there is to be found;  and may the injured recover swiftly, and resume as normal a life as possible.  Strength and speed to those investigating this crime, to fnd, arrest and prosecute those responsible.

Let American Mercenary sum up the situation.

The truth is that you can't stop every attack, if you are lucky you can catch the stupid ones.

The problem with trying to provide "security" from a government standpoint is that it is impossible.  You can't search every bag, every where, all the time.  This is the dilemma of security.  Some people will say, "If we only had more cops this wouldn't have happened!" and tell me that I'm cruel and a horrible person for pointing out the facts that Boston already has more than enough cops and if they weren't part of a comprehensive overall security plan it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

. . .

After 9/11 the expansion of law enforcement under the Patriot Act was supposed to make things like this never happen again.  That is the great lie of big government, "if we were just a little more powerful we could always stop the bad guys."  The problem is that the bigger government gets, the more it NEEDS to find bad guys, even if it has to create them.

There's more at the link.  This man knows whereof he speaks.  Go read.



John said...

Interesting to note that the article on the San Jose incident specifically mentions that the sabotage occurred near both a public range and a Sheriff's Dept. range.

What are the chances either was in use AT 1:30 AM??

Anonymous said...

Cal. sounds like monkey wrenching. That is destroying infrastructure ,WITHOUT hurting people but doing damage to "the man". Boston , was 10lb of black powder, and Acmed at his worst.

Anonymous said...

"spouting a boatload of drivel". Word.