Thursday, October 2, 2014

Arrived safely

Miss D. and I arrived safely in Gulf Shores, AL after a nine-hour journey.  We're stiff and tired, but enjoying the smell of the sea and the warm air.

We took ourselves to Papa Rocco's for supper.  It advertises itself as "Home Of Warm Beer, Lousy Pizza & The Flying Tomato!"  Well, with an introduction like that, how could we resist?  Large quantities of seafood were ingested and are presently being digested, including a rather good seafood pizza, belying their slogan.  We picked it at random out of a local restaurant guide, being too tired and hungry to study the alternatives in very much detail, but it was a good choice.  The country music duo playing in the bar weren't bad either, although they didn't seem to have anything in their repertoire that was less than 20 years old!

We're going to get some shut-eye.  I'll put up more blog posts in the morning.

Sleep well, y'all.



Bob said...

If you want some area-appropriate beach reading, Christopher Eger's book Last Stand On Zombie Island takes place in Gulf Shores.

Sarthurk said...

Very good.
I barely made back to the coast after the hippie van decided to give up 200 miles from home. I limped it along and made it back. I think the tranny is F'd up. Money pit my wife says. She wanted it. Now that we got it, it's my fault. Aint love grand?

Anonymous said...

If that country duo didn't play any "modern" (so-called) country music, that's a good thing! I really wish there was a "classic country" radio station in my area, as modern country is merely bad regurgitated pop music. "Modern" country sucks (with only a few exceptions).


Kentucky Packrat said...

My mother owns a condo here in Gulf Shores, and we're here until Saturday morning. Today will be a bit annoying wth the rain, but it looks like we're taking the rain out with us.

If you have a pot, our number 1 seafood recommendation is to drive to Aquilla's and buy head-on Royal Recs to boil yourself. (Boil until they float.) $6.29 a pound, versus the $18+ a pound in the stores. That said, if you aren't boiling your own, Ribs and Reds has the best Reds in town.

Sea n Suds is pretty good and reasonably priced. LuLu's is pretty good too, although I thought they're a bit overpriced and riding their reputation.

The sad part: I almost went to Papa Rocco's last night for pizza myself. We ate in instead...

Kentucky Packrat said...

Just had to make an update: we did have lunch at Papa Rocco's today, and the pizza is incredibly tasty.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Rusty: You and I agree perfectly on the band, which is why they got tipped! Ah, Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash - back when even the melancholy county was fun, and could be danced to!

KY Packrat: thanks for the recommendations! We'll be sure to take you up on 'em. :-)

Bob: Zombies... overtired tourists and drunken college kids... how would you tell the difference? :-P I'll pick it up!