Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bluegrass on the balalaika?

This is Russian balalaika player Alexey Arkhipovsky demonstrating his mastery of the instrument.  He's been called 'the Paganini of the Russian balalaika', but his playing reminds me more of the top exponents of bluegrass.  See what you think.

Impressive, isn't he?  You'll find more of his work on YouTube, and at his Web site.



Unknown said...

I wonder when he sold his soul?

That guy is amazing.

Old NFO said...

WOW!!! Plus one on Michael!

Rev. Paul said...

He reminds me a LOT of Ricky Skaggs' style. Not bad at all!

Stretch said...

For Russians that audience is positively riotous.

Anonymous said...

Astounding. Reminds me of some of the better banjo players.

I could not believe the audience. Not one person was tapping their toes or fingers or even moving their heads.