Monday, November 24, 2014

I thought this was faked, but it's real

I was astonished to learn an advertisement that I was sure was CGI was, in fact, real.  The Telegraph reports:

The video was created as an advert for EMC technology, who are technology partners for Lotus F1 team.

The Lotus team are now in possession of an impressive new world record as the F1 transporter managed to clear the longest ever truck jump at 83 feet and seven inches.

There's more at the link.

Here's the advertisement.

I'd love to know how they prepared that truck for the attempt - clearly, it must have been stripped of every possible ounce of weight.  Even so, I sure wouldn't have volunteered to drive the car as the truck crossed over my head!



c w swanson said...

I expected the Top Gear guys to climb out of the truck, and perhaps the Stig to be driving the F1.

A crazy dangerous stunt. Had it gone wrong, it would have been an even bigger Youtube sensation.

Eric Wilner said...

According to Newton, it's perfectly safe!
Assuming no inconveniently-timed engine failures, blown tires, slick spots on the pavement, ....

Corey said...

Does Europe have an equivalent of
" Hey ya'll watch this"

Will said...

if you click on the links in the bottom of the video, it takes you to an extended version of the ad, plus a "how they did it" video.