Thursday, November 13, 2014

"This book is not gay pr0n"

Thanks to its being selected as's Kindle Deal of the Day in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, 'War to the Knife' is selling extremely well.  It's made the top 20 in SF/F overall, which is excellent for a one-day promotion;  and its sales rank has improved more than 200-fold in less than 24 hours.  Even at its discounted price, I'm profoundly grateful to everyone who's taken advantage of the deal.  Thank you!

However, I sprayed tea all over my monitor when reading a new review that went up this afternoon.  I mean . . . what can you say when a five-star review of your book is headlined, "This book is not gay porn"?  Go read it.  It's fun.



Old NFO said...

Snerk... So is that an Oops or a ??? :-) Gotta admit that is a 'different' review!

MSgt B said...


I wonder how much the "other" Peter Grant's book sales have gone up since your stuff hit the market.

Will said...

I'm thinking you might want to add an initial to your author name, or some sort of change to make you stand out. I see there is a Peter with an "R", but then my library system wanders off to anyone with either Peter or Grant, so not much use.

Chris said...

You can't fault the accuracy of that title.

Cedar said...

Ah! I see Pat got around to your book :-) He's been reading through the MGC writer's books, and well, you should see the one he's left for Amanda Green's Nocturnal Origins! That's some sense of humor he's got there.

Anonymous said...

Author names story . . . I write under a pen name. I had one all picked out and [searchengined] it. The first hit was an attorney who specializes in personal injury and liable law.

I found another pen name.