Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank you, Amazon and everybody!

After its one-day 'ride' as Amazon's Kindle Daily Deal in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category, 'War to the Knife' has rocketed up the sales charts.  As of 7.30 a.m. this morning, it was ranked #207 in the entire Kindle Store (out of almost 3 million e-books available on that platform).  It hit 5th in the Military Science Fiction category and 4th in the Space Opera category.

I'm not sure how long this boost in sales will last (typically such promotions have a very short-term effect), but I'm very grateful to everyone who bought a copy.  I've had a gap of several months between WttK and my next Maxwell book, which is due out next month.  This will help boost reader awareness of my books prior to that release, which is always a good thing.

Thanks, everyone!



Jon said...

I got an email from Amazon saying my review helped a buyer make his decision. One of my shortest reviews ever, it said, "A great start to a new series!" Oh well, whatever works. Glad to hear the book is doing so well, and looking forward to the new Maxwell installment.

Unknown said...

Regarding the title of your book and the discussion that many weren't familiar with the phrase: From "A Small Colonial War" by Robert Frezza:

"There are two types of war, gentlemen. Limited war for limited purposes, by limited means, and war to the knife; whose goal is nothing less than the recrafting of society."

pg. 170 in my copy

Don RN said...

Picked up a copy because of this promotion. Enjoyed the book and story line. Have added you to my list of 'want to buy more when I can'.
Don RN

Ward Griffiths said...

I guess I could have waited, but I bought WttK the minute I found out it existed.