Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pilots earning their flying pay

An EasyJet A319 airliner had a close call at Schipol Airport in Holland recently when trying to land in severe weather conditions.  Its pilot got this close to touching down, then thought better of it and went around again - wisely, IMHO.  See for yourself.

Schipol Airport's known for tricky crosswind conditions, of course.  Here, in size order of aircraft, are a few more 'interesting' landings by a DHC-8 commuter airliner, then a Boeing 737, a 777 and a 747.

I've landed at Schipol a few times myself.  It's a tricky airport, weather-wise.



c w swanson said...

I hope the pilot told the passengers that they were going to come in crossways like that, so when they looked out the window they wouldn't scream and prepare to die.

Anonymous said...

DC3 into Dutch Harbor. Port side window over wing looking down the length of the runway. Had to remove the seat cushion with a crowbar.

Capt.Craig said...

Peter, what were you flying?