Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Acrobatics on two wheels

I'm still on the road back from Blogorado, and won't be home until Thursday evening. I'll be putting up posts whenever I can, but full service is still a couple of days away.

Meanwhile, here's a fascinating video of some Chinese performers demonstrating that two wheels are eminently suitable as a platform for entertainment and gymnastics both!


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Steve said...

WOW! Just Wow !!!

Two points came to mind, neither of which detract from the awesomeness of that.

Those young ladies riding the bikes have to have some serious leg muscles to be able to keep the bikes moving at a consistent speed as the weight on the bike keeps changing, and the frames on those bikes are very strong.

A third thing I just thought of as I typed: They must be using solid rubber tires. Pneumatics tires would create too much risk of a blowout.