Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A novel way to waterski!

I'm highly amused by this video clip from Fairbanks, Alaska, showing a sled dog team towing a young lady on waterskis.

The thing about sled dogs is, they enjoy their work so much that it's effectively play for them. One need only watch them at the start and finish of a sled dog race to see how much fun they're having. During summer, when there's no snow for sled racing, I imagine this must have been one great big game to them! I wish I'd been there to see them throw themselves into it, with all the enthusiasm and vigor of their breed. Lovely creatures!



Old NFO said...

And fun is had by all! :-)

Phil K said...

Sarah Palin linked this on her Facebook and indicated that the skier (9 year old girl?) is a friend of her family and that the dogs are a pro team. Don't know if this is true.