Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holiday tours for WHAT???

I find it hard to credit this report from Germany. I can hardly believe it's not a belated April Fool's joke!

Even stuffed animals need a holiday every now and then, according to a Cologne woman who runs a travel agency catering exclusively to teddy bears and other plush toy friends.

“It sounds crazy to many,” said trained retail saleswoman Ulrike Böhmler, admitting that she has always had a certain affection for stuffed animals.

She still has her first stuffed bear, a gift from her grandmother worn ragged by 35 years of cuddling. For some people, such plush toys remain a sentimental object for an entire lifetime, she says.

. . .

... she founded “Teddy-In,” which now offers trips for toys to Hamburg, Munich, Barcelona, Rome and even Romania where the animals can follow Dracula’s fictional footsteps.

Customers book via email or letter, then ship their stuffed animal to Böhmler, who says it can be “comical” when some boxes arrive with air holes punched into cartons for the inanimate toys. She then guides the toy on its holiday tour, taking photographs along the way.

When they return the animals are sent back to their owners refreshed and with a set of vacation photos to share.

Böhmler’s toy travel agency is just one of several such businesses that have cropped up in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Venice and Prague.

“For many it’s a very original gift idea,” said Karsten Morschett from Teddy Tour Berlin. “Lots of people can no longer take trips on their own due to health problems and send their teddy on holiday instead.”

There's more at the link.

Do my eyes deceive me? Are otherwise sane people actually willing to spend their hard-earned money to send their stuffed toys on a vacation?

I just don't get it. Clearly, I'm out of step with something in today's world . . .



Wayne Conrad said...

It's difficult for me to accept, when every dollar is dear to me, that such excess exists.

Shrimp said...

Here's my take on it. I hope it is a real business, and I hope she makes millions taking money from people who so obviously deserve to have their money taken.

Bob@thenest said...

And I can just see somebody shipping their pet rock off for vacation.