Friday, November 9, 2012

A burger in space?

It seems university students keep coming up with weird and wonderful ideas.  The latest, from five Harvard University students, might interest NASA.  The Telegraph reports:

Students are well known for their love of fast food, and a group of five friends from Harvard University decided to send one hamburger where no snack has ever gone before. Namely, into space.

First, they coated a hamburger with lacquer to make sure it had a fighting chance of withstanding the elements on its trip into space.

It was then connected to a camera and a GPS system before being attached to a helium balloon.

It made it to an altitude of almost 100,000 feet before the balloon burst, sending the burger hurtling back to Earth. Several days later, the students found the hamburger and camera stuck up a tree just outside Boston. Both were still intact.

Here's the students' video report about the 'experiment'.

Hmm . . . if that burger had gotten too close to the International Space Station, would that represent an orbital hazard, or a digestive one?



Stuart Garfath said...

(Phone call to Strato-Burgers).
"I'll have two Special Space-Burgers, (hold the Mayo), and two medium Helium Fries please".
'Any drinks with that'?.
"Oh yeah, two large Vanilla Nitro-Shakes".
Seems like George Jetson was'nt too far of the mark.....

Evyl Robot Michael said...

All these recent stunts with balloons going to space, doesn't it seem funny that the oldest technology of flight is now the new hawtness?