Monday, November 12, 2012

Tam fundraiser update

Boy, this thing's getting bigger and bigger!  For the latest list of raffles, fundraisers, etc. see JayG's update.  Keep an eye on his blog for future developments, as he's become the 'linkmeister' for the event.

Old NFO has also posted an update this evening, setting out the prize packages available through the raffle he's hosting.  (For the other raffles, see JayG.)  He'll be arranging the drawing on Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure what the other raffles have arranged for their 'draw date'.

Again, many thanks to all who've contributed, or put up prizes, or who are helping with the administration of what's turned into a major fund-raising effort.  With a little bit of luck, Tam will have enough for the cancer surgery, plus a nose job and tummy tuck as well!

(Ducking and running for cover . . . )



Pat St. Jean said...

Wow! You do like living dangerously!

AJD said...

And here I thought you had given up living dangerously.

Billll said...

Tam's idea of a "boob job" is where she takes a large caliber firearm and does a job on a boob.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the link Peter, and yeah, this has 'kinda' gotten out of hand, but in a GOOD way!!!