Monday, November 12, 2012

Edible deodorant???

I've heard of (heck, I've experienced!) certain foods (*cough*garlic*cough*) producing a characteristic body odor (and some, like beans, doing so by means of . . . er . . . gastrointestinal by-products, shall we say?), but I've never heard of edible deodorant!  Yahoo! Shine reports:

Deo Perfume Candy promises to satiate your sweet cravings while making you smell just as sweet. And, yes, dieters, it's also available in sugar-free.

. . .

Four pieces of the tangerine-flavoured candy — considered a single serving — is recommended for a 145-pound person. The sweet-smelling effect should last for 6 hours.

There's more at the link, and more information about the 'deodorant candy' at its Web site.

I don't think I'm going to try this stuff.  With my luck, I'd get so used to eating my deodorant that one morning, in a half-awake daze, I'd guzzle half a stick of Arrid and dehydrate my gastrointestinal tract for a week!



irontomflint said...

Hahaha!Dehydrating yourself with anti-antiperspirant!
On another note, don't keep BenGay on the same shelf as you do your toothpaste! Trust me on that...

Old NFO said...

Umm... Strange to say the least... :-)

trailbee said...

We laugh but love it when people think of these things. It is part of the American technological/scientific evolution. One thing shoulders its way onto the stage, only to be shunted aside by the next item waiting in the wings.
Tangerine? How about my favorite? Key lime pie!

SiGraybeard said...

About 40 years ago, I took a botany class. The prof told us then that there was a plant that grew in the tropical forest that made your perspiration smell like lilacs. People there ate it and had no use for deodorants or perfumes. He said we'd see it on the market some day.

Maybe not exactly, but like this?