Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A reminder about the fund-raisers for Tam

I just wanted to remind readers that the fund-raisers for fellow blogger Tamara's medical expenses (about which I've written before) mostly culminate in drawings for prizes on Thanksgiving Day, although some will run a bit past that.  For full details, please see JayG's latest update and follow the links he provides.

There's a new raffle to report, too:  Heath J. is offering a chance to win this 'combination gun' (which I'd refer to as a 'drilling') in 20ga. and .22 Magnum for a donation of $25.

I'm sorely tempted to toss more money in the hat to get a ticket!  It looks like a lovely piece.  More information at his blog.

I've no idea how much has been raised so far, but I imagine Tam will need at least $3K for the removal of the basal cell carcinoma, plus more to cater for any plastic surgery that may be necessary to repair her schnozz.  If you haven't already donated to the cause, may I personally beg you to do so?  Tam's good people, and deserves our help.



Old NFO said...

I linked it also!

Chasing Freedom said...

Thank you guys for the linky-love - we're glad to contribute to the Queen of Snark Mega Raffle!

Anonymous said...

Can't resist my inner jerk... The combo gun is not a drilling (a derivative of the German "drei" (3)). It's a 2-holer, so it doesn't qualify as a 3-holer. I have a 24F in .22LR/20g, and it's a damned fine bit of kit.

Heath J said...

Thanks for the linkage sir, we just wanted to help out too.