Monday, January 7, 2013

A call to action for gun owners

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, it appears more and more likely that Washington will try to impose several draconian restrictions on firearms, magazines, ammunition, and anything else the powers that be think they can get their hands on.  To summarize just a few developments since that tragedy:

My fears are as follows:

  1. I believe that President Obama has no respect whatsoever for the Constitution of the United States.  All that matters to him is the furtherance of his agenda, and that of the unseen, faceless puppet-masters who control him.  (What's that?  You thought he was his own man?  Oh, come off it!  I've never seen a more blatant political figurehead in my life!)
  2. The same applies to many of those calling for gun control, including Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and many others.  To paraphrase the well-known words of Rahm Emanuel (currently Mayor of Chicago), they 'aren't letting a serious crisis go to waste'.  They're trying to use, manipulate and exploit it for all they're worth to advance their agenda, which is uniformly statist, anti-individual rights and anti-freedom.
  3. I fear that the Republican majority in Congress is unlikely to stand up for the rights of gun-owners.  They're nominally against further gun control measures, but given the immense political pressure that the President can apply (and has applied, most recently resulting in a craven Republican surrender over the so-called 'fiscal cliff'), I don't trust them not to cave in and give him what he wants.  Even if most Republicans maintain their traditional position, there are enough waverers among them to pass an anti-gun measure if all Democrats vote for it.
  4. I believe there is enough enmity stored up in Washington against the NRA, gun-owners in general, and those whom President Obama once accused of 'clinging to guns and religion', that those now in power are acting out of a sense of vengefulness.  They appear to actively want to provoke a conflict with gun-owners and their political representatives, because they believe that the Newtown massacre has given them sufficient political capital and popular momentum to force such measures down the throats of the American people - even if they're blatantly un-Constitutional.

I regard the present situation as very serious indeed.  I can only urge each and every gun-owner to contact his or her Congressional representative and Senator, and make very clear his or her opposition to any more gun control measures, whether they be in the form of laws, regulations or Presidential executive orders.  We need to do this now, before the momentum on the other side becomes unstoppable.  This is no ordinary 'crisis';  it's being deliberately fomented, exaggerated and manipulated by those opposed to the Second Amendment and the rights of gun-owners.  If we don't fight it, and them, they may win this fight.

Please, dear readers, take this seriously.  Do your part.  Call your elected representatives as soon as possible, write to them, and keep on reminding them that they will be held accountable if they do anything to support the erosion of your rights.  Point them to Marko's excellent essay 'Why The Gun Is Civilization'.  He speaks the truth - as we need to do.  If we don't, the truth will be steamrollered by those who don't care about truth at all - only political expediency.



The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Do you remember Paul Revere's famous ride? Do you remember what he was warning the colonists about?

The answer was that he was warning the colonists that the increasingly oppressive government was sending troops to confiscate the powder and musket balls, as well as any other supplies that might be used for rebellion.

Will we have another "shot heard round the world" this year?

Stuart Garfath said...

Here in Australia, we have NO RIGHT, to possess, or own, a firearm, and that includes, believe it or not, what you Yanks call a BB. gun.
That's right, here, in the People's Democratic Republic of Australia, even an 'AIR rifle' is classed as a FIRE arm!.
Fight the good fight, give no quarter, you surely will receive none!.

Anonymous said...

Sir we have no "government" to turn to. The people in power care nothing for what we think. What you are seeing is a marxist coup. If another gun law is passed, civil war WILL happen. This will not be like OZ or England, If they outlaw guns in the US it will be a bloodbath. A land where a LEO or FLEA moveing on a road ,day or night has sighned there death warrent. A land with none safe in bed. If Obama gets his way it will make the "bush war" look like a plesant sunday.

Anonymous said...

How does one warn the idiots in Congress without it sounding like a direct threat? They should be warned that if they make gun owners felons by the mere act of possessing a gun, then there's no further punishment to gun owners if they then use their guns to take out the bastards who voted to outlaw guns!

Molon Labe, indeed!


Anonymous said...


Toejam said...

This current situation began with AT Holder's "gun walking" project. That was cleverly designed to plant the seeds of illegal alien gun violence in the U.S. and Mexico where innocent women and children were slain, thus formenting a tsunami public emotional outcry. It's worked and the current mass shootings were either a coincidental bonus or........Hummmmm?

Anonymous said...

I'm not normally very politically active, at all, though I stay pretty well-informed. But this issue has definitely prompted me to contact my congress-critters and remind them to stand firm. Fortunately, they're all Republicans, and all are pro-gun, so my contact was of the "Remember, say No to more gun control" rather than trying to convince them.

The tin-foil-hat side of me, which I usually keep buried very, very deep, is stirring...saying things like "Was there any kind of conspiracy behind Newtown? And isn't it convenient that he offed himself?"

Anonymous said...

We need unity among pro-Second Amendment organizations (NRA, GOA etc) and have them issue a unified call to action. They need to organize a Second Amendment Day on which all supported drive with the headlights on, display an American flag in their rear window or something similar. It needs to happen soon.

Many gun owners are unwisely choosing to do nothing, hoping it will blow over. Others are scared to speak out by writing their reps, newspapers etc.. Let's encourage them to act by showing them how numerous we are.

SiGraybeard said...

Last night, an aspect of this that I hadn't thought of just popped into my mind.

It's extortion.

Another Rahm quote (or Obama?) was "you're either at the table or you're on the menu". They're talking about "getting around" the pro-RKBA crowd by crony capitalism: give favors to gun manufacturers or stores who play ball with them and punish everyone else. Money flows to the Obamanoids from the gun companies, Walmart and so on, to write protections for the companies that play ball, and every gun owner who cares is writing checks to the NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF and every other pro-civil rights organization. It's a massive extortion of millions from one of the few profitable sectors in the US economy and will slow down gun buying.

Even if they lose they win.