Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to boycott New York State?

Readers will be aware that a draconian set of gun control measures has just become law in New York State, after being rammed through the legislature at breakneck speed.  (Senators had only a few minutes to read the legislation before being made to vote on it - making it impossible to know what they were voting for!)

Fellow blogger Chris, writing at Arma Borealis, has a suggestion.

I am done supporting companies based on New York.

If the bullshit "SAFE 2013" act stands in the courts then I am closing my financial services accounts with New York businesses, changing my telecommunications (internet/cable) company, and refusing to buy any more Remington products that are made at their Ilion, New York factory.  I've shot Core-Lokt for years in my bolt guns, and the Remington 700 is a fine rifle, but there are other brands out there which are manufactured in free states.  Likewise, I put a ton of money through New York-based financial institutions but there are other providers.

I wrote key New York state legislators and warned them that I would not spend a penny more in their state if the voted for this crap, so now time to execute that plan.

I will be contacting all of these companies and informing them of the exact reason why I am cutting off my money:  I refuse to support the governments of totalitarian shitholes with my dollars.  I'm not giving a penny to Remington or a bank or a telecommunications company that will then provide jobs and taxes to New York State.  Screw 'em.

There's more at the link.

You know, for the life of me I can't see anything wrong with his suggestion.  Certainly, I don't want a single one of my hard-earned dollars going, directly or indirectly, to a state that treats my constitutional rights with such contemptuous disdain.  What say you, readers?



Jess said...

I think it's a good idea. The people of New York allow such things for which they should be held responsible. Maybe tweaking their pocketbook will get their attention. If not, let them wallow in their progressive poverty.

Anonymous said...

So you'll boycott products from people who opposed the bill?

The logic escapes me.


Shrimp said...

Logically, Gerry, the companies like Remington will voluntarily leave NY anyway. If they don't, then they don't deserve any support. If they do leave, they've voted with their feet (and wallets) and left the totalitarian state behind. For that, they'd deserve support.

Honestly, I can't figure out why most of the gun manufacturers are in states like NY, IL, CT, etc. It would seem so much more logical for them to move out west, midwest, south, anywhere but in the states that have higher taxes, more gun laws and less freedom.

Toejam said...

People are the strangest animals. But animals are smarter.

They don't react drivin entirely by emotive rationale.

That's exactly what the elected officials in NY State and many other "Liberal" domains are doing when they suddenly decide that they're protecting society by ignoring the constitution of the United States and even worse by ignoring reality.

Prohibition was proven totally useless when the government rammed through the 18th amendment to the constitution.

Having said that, the MSM and the Liberals will attempt to totally anailate any "rights" they feel threaten their vision of a new-world (Socialism) order.

NY and other North-Eastern States are hives of anarchy and anti-Conservatism. Funny, many staunch supporters of the anti-gun agenda have roots in the State of Israel, A State, which wouldn't exist today if it weren't for a well armed civilian population.

Go figure!

Anonymous said...


I agree but closing and moving 700 job/employees and opening a new facility would take better than a year if they rushed.

The NSSF has an event called the Masters which has been held here in So. KY for the last two years. The local business council made the point there are plenty of machinists and technical folks living here and the taxes are much cheaper.

I wonder if that willl be discussed in the board meetings this spring.

Boycott Broadway or Bloomies NYC if thats your style.


Old NFO said...

Money or lack of, and departure of companies WILL get NY's attention... That is about the ONLY way to do it.

Crucis said...

I agree with Chris. It's time for NY voters to clean their own house. If they won't...that's it. Let them wallow in their liberal hell.

SteveG said...

Great idea but I think we also need to take a page from Ronnie Barrett's playbook. Get the firearms and ammunition manufacturers to refuse any sales or service to any Law Enforcement Agencies in New York so long as they are tasked with infringing on the fundamental rights of Americans.

trailbee said...

I really hate boycotts. We boycott this, we boycott that, and suddenly you can't even go to a store and buy dinner, or a fur coat, or take-out chicken.
I think the reason that so many Mfcts. are on the East Coast is because the EC is the home of our Constitution and all our early history. Suggesting they move West is OK, but make certain you don't suggest CA, OR or WA! Moving an entire company is an expensive proposition.
Even for Mfcts. home is where the heart is. Plus, now that life is going to be perfect when the new edicts are in place, many people will have a change of heart. Poor souls.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know a lawyer in NY that wants to take up the people's rights pro bono?

I think it could be very well argued that the new NY bans violate the constitution and the recent DC v Heller decision. First off, the Heller decision states that restrictions are ok provided they aren't arbitrary or capricious. It should be fairly easy to demonstrate that because the ban on magazine capacity and various cosmetic features do nothing to accomplish the stated aims of the law that the restrictions are therefore certainly arbitrary if not capricious.

Further the Heller decision re-affirmed the text in the Miller decision that the 2nd amendment protects weapons that are in common use for legal purposes. Rifles make up such a small amount of NY gun crime, and this ban will affect such a large number of gun owners, that it is clear that this law is banning weapons which are in common use for legal purposes.

Leatherneck said...

I grew up on Eastern LI and went to college upstate before the USMC got ahold of me. I have not been back in years, but I bet t,here remain a large number of good, sensible NYers who reject the urban and suburban garbage codified in Albany.


AuricTech said...

As a general rule, I oppose the idea of boycotts, simply because I find the idea of conflating the personal with the political distasteful. Such a conflation is something a collectivist would applaud.

That being said, any public or private entity that supported passing this Intolerable Act should not be surprised if free citizens decide not to support such entities.