Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doofus Of The Day #674

A tip o' the hat to Matt Sorrell, who blogs at Merlin's Musings, for giving me a heads-up about today's winners.

Two people are hospitalized in Dallas following an explosion at an oil storage facility in East Texas on Tuesday.

. . .

According to Van Zandt County fire marshal Chuck Allen, a man and a woman, both 24, were smoking while sitting on top of a tank used to store a chemical and salt water mixture -- presumably for fracking. The tank they were on exploded.

Of the six tanks at the facility, three caught fire and burned.

There's more at the link.

Smoking in an 'oil storage facility' . . . which was presumably placarded with 'No Smoking' signs all over the place.  These weren't two people - they were two Darwin Awards in human form, looking for a place to award themselves!



Anonymous said...

And because of there stupidness. Fuel in mexafornia has gone up 10 cents per gallon.
Now if they lived through this they should be fined as much as it costing me MORE to buy a gallon of gas. Then apply this to them from ALL the people that are NOW paying more for their stupidness.

Old NFO said...

Hoo boy... and they didn't get launched into ORBIT???

JT said...

They were sitting ON TOP of the storage tanks, smoking at 3am...wonder what they were smoking?

Anonymous said...

Not clear to me why the tanks would contain fluids 'presumably for fracking.' Fracking is generally done as a 'major industrial operation' at the well site, and there would be all kinds of equipment and people around at all hours. Most likely storage of produced oil and water mix awaiting separation for sale and disposal - gas separates out from that mixture too....BOOM.