Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Light blogging tonight

It's been an exhausting day, getting my second manuscript ready to go out to beta readers in a day or two, and beginning to make changes to the first manuscript based on feedback so far received.  (Most beta readers haven't yet responded, so, guys and girls, I'd love to hear from you, please!)

I'll put up a few posts in the morning.  To keep you occupied until then, here's a weird Japanese toilet.  Apparently they wallpapered it all around in pictures taken from the top of a ski jump, then put a fake pair of skis on the floor.  You put your feet in them when you sit down to do your business, and pretend like you're about to go down the ramp.  Doing that for real would sure cure my constipation, believe me!



Mikael said...

Tame by japanese standards.

Compare this old goodie:

skidmark said...

Thank $diety it's just pictures and not video.

Now that would clean out just about anybody.

stay safe.