Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Doofus Of The Day #670

Today's award goes to an Australian company.  It's succeeded in putting its corporate foot firmly in its telephonic mouthpiece.

THE company that operates [Australia's] Do Not Call Register has been penalised for making nuisance phone calls to thousands of Melburnians.

Service Stream Solutions was fined $110,000 for illegally contacting 6300 households and offering to install low-energy light bulbs, standby power controllers and low-flow showerheads.

The calls were made by the firm's telemarketing division, which is separate to the arm that manages the Do Not Call Register.

There's more at the link.  A tip o' the hat to reader Snoggeramus for bringing it to my attention.

That's a particularly inept piece of doofidity, isn't it?  You run the nation's Do Not Call registry with one hand, and ignore it with the other!  What price corporate communication?


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