Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's cold!

I'm beginning to regard local weather forecasts with dire suspicion.  Today, for example, most of them said the area where I live got up to freezing point - but according to a thermometer I hung in the back yard, we didn't top 20° F all day!  The dog's water bowl was frozen solid, the squirrels moved as if they had frost in their veins, and the hawks and buzzards circling overhead seemed to trail icicles.  Brrr!

At least we're not as cold as other parts of the country.  Reader S. M. sent me this picture of a lighthouse at St. Joseph on Lake Michigan.

S. M., it's all yours, buddy!  The further away this African boy stays from ice like that, the happier he is!  (All the more so because right now, it's high summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and his African blood is pining for the high desert . . . )

Be that as it may, not everyone finds cold and snow to be a problem.  Here's one cat for whom it's clearly nothing more than a gigantic toy!

I'm glad someone's enjoying it . . .



John Peddie (Toronto) said...

That lighthouse is about the prettiest "ice-sculpture" I've ever seen...fairy-tale castle on a white pillar, sun glinting off it.

Photos like that make winter worthwhile.

Kris said...


Hey, I live in St. Joseph MI and see that light house every morning and evening as I'm near home. It's not that cold.

Heck, I Shoot Bossed an Appleseed this last weekend. We created 6 Riflemen and they all got the coveted Winterseed patch.

Remember - there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices.

Kris said...

After Action Report from the Winterseed


CenTexTim said...

Ice belongs in a highball glass...