Monday, January 14, 2013

This is one species I'm happy to endanger!

I had to laugh at an article on Bloomberg today.

Brazilian Bikini Waxes Make Crab Lice Endangered Species

Pubic lice, the crab-shaped insects that have dwelled in human groins since the beginning of history, are disappearing. Doctors say bikini waxing may be the reason.

Waning infestations of the bloodsuckers have been linked by doctors to pubic depilation, especially a technique popularized in the 1990s by a Manhattan salon run by seven Brazilian sisters. More than 80 percent of college students in the U.S. remove all or some of their pubic hair -- part of a trend that’s increasing in western countries. In Australia, Sydney’s main sexual health clinic hasn’t seen a woman with pubic lice since 2008 and male cases have fallen 80 percent from about 100 a decade ago.

“It used to be extremely common; it’s now rarely seen,” said Basil Donovan, head of sexual health at the University of New South Wales’s Kirby Institute and a physician at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. “Without doubt, it’s better grooming.”

The trend suggests an alternative way of stemming one of the globe’s most contagious sexually transmitted infections. Pubic lice are usually treated with topical insecticides, which once included toxic ones developed before and during World War 2. While they aren’t known to spread disease, itchy skin reactions and subsequent infections make pubic lice a hazardous pest.

Clipping, waxing and shaving the groin destroy the optimal habitat of pubic lice.

There's more at the link.

It's strange, but I haven't heard a word of protest out of the top 10 wildlife conservation organizations about the obviously critical threat to this endangered species of wildlife. An oversight, perhaps?  Shouldn't they be trying to conserve its habitat, just as they do for other endangered species?


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Snoggeramus said...

Complaints from the wildlife conservatiobn people? Have a feeling those unwashed hippies are the ones harbouring the last remaining infestations! :-P