Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weather quote of the day

It's been a toad-strangler of a day, with very heavy rains interspersed with drier, drippy periods.  We've been under a flash flood watch all day, with a few tornado warnings thrown in to keep things interesting.

DaddyBear lives a few hours drive north of here, and he's been enduring the same weather front that's been hitting us.  He commented:

Not sure how much rain we’ve gotten in the past day or so, but I’m pretty sure I just saw an old man going door to door looking for two animals of each kind for some project he’s doing.



Anonymous said...

Encourage that old gentleman with the project. Last time he built a boat, we got a whole three inches of rain out here!


HerrBGone said...

I Noah guy who's working on a similar project...

DaddyBear said...