Monday, January 14, 2013

Euphemism of the day

I love the way politicians, corporations and mothers manage to find creative ways to speak of something that might otherwise be offensive.  The latest example comes from Australia, where a truck filled with human excrement spilled some of its fragrant freight on a motorway in Brisbane.  The company that owns the truck described the incident rather creatively:

Transport company Transpacific Industries said the truck, which was carrying a 'key component of organic fertiliser', lost power steering and hit a guard rail on the southbound bridge causing it lose part of its load about 7.30am.

A 'key component of organic fertilizer', eh?  That'll do . . . even though I bet it was a s****y experience for all concerned, particularly the cleanup crew!



Scott said...

Could have described it as a byproduct of the political process...

But what a sucky day for the cleanup crew! Oh, man, hope they were up on all their shots, human waste is rather toxic and (potentially) loaded with all sorts of unpleasant bacteria.

lotta joy said...

It would not have been human waste. And between the two, I'd much rather be shoveling cow or horse sh*t.

Toejam said...

"The old Gateway Motorway has been cleared after a truck spilled "human waste" on the road early this morning."

"The truck was bound for a farm at Aratula, about 90 kilometres southwest of Brisbane."

I thought in most "civilized" countries it was against health laws to use human excretement as farm fertilizer.

Guess I was wrong.