Friday, January 25, 2013

It's been a long day . . .

. . . but a productive one.  I finished the beta reader version of Book 2 of my military sci-fi series, and spent today knitting together the separate elements into a single manuscript.  Over the weekend I'll add page numbers, etc., and convert it to a .PDF file, ready to go out to them next week.  Responses are slowly coming in from beta readers of the first volume, so next month, while they're busy with Book 2, I'll be revising Book 1.

I haven't had much time to develop blog fodder tonight, so I'll put up a few posts in the morning.  To keep you amused until then, I'll leave you to look at pictures of cats in bowls over at Huffington Post.  Here's one of their images to whet your appetite.

There are more at the link.  Enjoy!


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