Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to enjoy a flood

Take a flood, a truck (or 'ute' in Australian slang), a bunch of young men, a couple of ropes and some wakeboards, and you have - flood surfing!

Read all about it at the link, complete with more (and larger) photographs.  A tip o' the hat to Aussie reader Snoggeramus for the heads-up.



Scott said...

I blame that old Goodyear aquatred commercial, though it looks like the truck is on dry pavement in this one.

I'm sure you've done some similarly crazy things, Peter! :P

John R said...

We used to water ski the canals way back in the day. Probably a jailable offense by now.

Noons said...

...and when flood water isn't around, beach dunes are a good option...
( no, sir, definitely not!...)