Monday, January 28, 2013

A terrifying near-miss

This motorcyclist in China had one of the narrowest escapes from death I've ever seen!



Unknown said...

I hope he went right out and bought a lottery ticket!

Noons said...

Holy ....!!! Can't get any closer than that!

skidmark said...

If he had stayed behind the stop line there would be no story.

While I hate those drivers who stop three or more vehicle-lengths before the line, I also laugh at the problems folks get into who go over the line, or creep up waiting for the light to change.

stay safe.

lotta joy said...

I can only hope he had a spare set of pants in his saddlebag.

Anonymous said...

He's also lucky that it was a shipping container and not an ordinary truck trailer. If it had been the latter, the load could have come bursting through the roof, which is not a strengthened structure.


Evyl Robot Michael said...

+1 to what skidmark said. Let's see if that guy stops in the crosswalk ever again.