Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doofus Of The Day #673

Today's award goes to US Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, who appears to have completely lost sight of the duties and responsibilities of his position.  It should perhaps be called the 'Disgrace Of The Day' award in his case!  Zero Hedge reports:

... all the money in politics comes from Wall Street, which happens to be the ultimate ruler of the United States of America, pushing levers here and pulling stringer there to give the impression the constitutional republic is still alive. It isn't - this country has become an unchecked despotism of those in charge of money creation and who control capital - just the thing Andrew Jackson warned against. One thing we did learn, was courtesy of Assistant Attorney General Lenny Breuer who made it very clear that when it comes to the concept of justice the banks are and always have been "more equal" than others. He does so in such shocking clarity and enthusiasm that it is a miracle that this person is still employed by the US Department of Justice.

To wit (sic) from the transcript:

MARTIN SMITH: You gave a speech before the New York Bar Association. And in that speech, you made a reference to losing sleep at night, worrying about what a lawsuit might result in at a large financial institution.


MARTIN SMITH: Is that really the job of a prosecutor, to worry about anything other than simply pursuing justice?

LANNY BREUER: Well, I think I am pursuing justice. And I think the entire responsibility of the department is to pursue justice. But in any given case, I think I and prosecutors around the country, being responsible, should speak to regulators, should speak to experts, because if I bring a case against institution A, and as a result of bringing that case, there’s some huge economic effect — if it creates a ripple effect so that suddenly, counterparties and other financial institutions or other companies that had nothing to do with this are affected badly — it’s a factor we need to know and understand.

In other words, no criminal charges can be levied against anyone who engaged in the crimes leading to the great financial crisis of 2008 because, get this, the implications of pursuing justice may have destabilizing implications!

In other words, the banker threat of Mutual Assured Destruction has metastasized from the legislative, where in 2008 Hank Paulson demanded a blank check from Congress to spend it on whatever he wishes, "or else...", and has fully taken over the Judicial, where there is Justice for all... and no "Justice" for those who are systemically important.

There's more at the link.

Mr. Breuer, I have news for you.  Nothing whatsoever in the job description of a US Assistant Attorney General says that you have to worry about anything other than prosecuting breaches of the law.  If you are worrying about anything else, you're derelict in your duty, and need to either resign or be fired.  Regrettably, there's little (if any) honor left in the Justice Department, and your boss is a living embodiment of that fact . . . so I suspect you'll remain in your position, and continue to protect the banksters who've brought us to our present economic impasse.

I would say 'Shame on you', but I doubt you know the meaning of the term. More's the pity for the country you swore an oath to serve, and the Constitution and laws you swore an oath to 'support and defend'.


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CenTexTim said...

Lanny Breuer is also one of the key figures in the Fast and Furious fiasco, and according to some reports is about to (hopefully) resign from the DoJ.