Monday, April 1, 2013

Ukraine drivers

Right of way?  Driving on your own side of the road?  Clearly those concepts don't exist in Ukraine . . .



timbo1 said...

You sure that's the Ukraine? I could have sworn it was Venezuela. Love the part they all get in line to pass the police checkpoint...

Anonymous said...

If you drove on Delaware Ave. in Philly in the 60's or 70's you would not find this strange at all.

One unmarked road could be 7 lanes south and 2 lanes north. Then an hour later it could be 6 lanes north and 5 lane south.

Add to this there were trains tracks and trains running in the middle and trucks justs stopped to load and unload.

It still is one of my favorite memories of Philly.


The Modeling Underdog said...

It clearly reminds me of some areas in Argentina, where you better have your life insurance paid in full to your family. Before you even get into your car.

Anyway, there's an up side to that video. Take a look at these two russian guys trying to play the smart a$$ on the ukrainian cop.

He took the lead and beat them at their own game.

By the way, keep the articles coming, they're always very interesting.

All the best,