Friday, October 17, 2008

Another update about The High Road

Readers will be familiar with the shenanigans surrounding The High Road forum. I've written about the matter on three previous occasions.

Matters are moving ahead. I had my scheduled meeting with the office of the local US Attorney, whose staff proved to be most interested in the matter. Things are progressing in that area, and I daresay there'll be some interesting developments relatively soon. Also, Oleg Volk, rightful owner of The High Road, has now filed suit in Federal court in Georgia to regain his stolen property. The complaint may be read here (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat to read).

Oleg's also been shut out of the Staff Forum on The High Road, largely (I'm sure) because his refusal to "knuckle under" and accept the theft of his property isn't to the liking of the thieves now running the site. I've also been locked out of the Staff Forum, naturally without any explanation or notification at all (which is about the sort of conduct one would expect from those concerned, I'm afraid). It looks like anyone who is standing up for justice is being summarily evicted from the premises. Again, that's what one would expect from those with guilty consciences.

Oleg isn't taking this lying down. Apart from his lawsuit, he's managed to get copies of complete backups of The High Road (with the able assistance of some technologically savvy allies), and has established a new forum with the same name, but at a slightly different URL: This contains all of the old posts from The High Road, but is under Oleg's control, as it should be. He's invited all existing (and honest) moderators and members to move over there and join him. I've done so, of course, and will be helping out there as requested. If any readers were or are members of The High Road, please adjust your bookmarks to point to the new site, and come and join us. Your existing username and password should work fine. Once matters are resolved through the courts, I understand that both sites will be merged into one (honestly-owned and -run) forum.

I think Mr. Zeanah and his cronies are about to find the water getting rather deep, rather murky, and infested with sharks and crocodiles. The civil lawsuit is filed, and I wouldn't be surprised to find at least two or three criminal charges coming downstream in the not too distant future. Unfortunately for them, their boat is leaking irreparably and sinking fast, and they're about to find themselves neck-deep in the mess.



Anonymous said...

And rightfully so! More piranhas to them!

Anonymous said...

Gald to hear about the progress. I will head over to the new location and join up.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to remove oneself from thehigh
I haven't been there since I first read about this crap. So I figure I might as well delete myself. And do you know if the new site has member's pm messages saved to the new site?


Peter said...

Anonymous, don't worry about removing yourself from the .org site. As soon as the courts have settled this thing, Oleg plans to merge the two sites into one again, so your existing .org name and posts will be seamlessly integrated with your new posts on the .us site.

I'm not sure about PM's.

Oleg Volk said...

Old PMs were preserved. The only data that won't be live after the merger will be anything posted on .org between the split and the reunification -- but even that will be preserved as an archive.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Heck, getting out of the .org is easy. Just post anything about Derek's theft. You'll have a permaban in no time!

Glad to hear of the progress. Looking forward to news of Derek getting his a** handed to him legally and, hopefully, financially.

Simeron Steelhammer said...

If you are going to merge the two domains after the dust settles, or at least plan to do so, I do have a question...

Are you planning on having the forums BACK at .org or do you plan on staying on .us?

My personal thought, for what it is worth, is that you should have it at .org as it was to start with.

Reasoning behind this is that it is symbolic. It shows that you have fought the good fight, won and have now taken back the rightful spot you once held within the ether of cyberspace despite your time in exile (.us).

You keep the .us domain as a rememberance of the trials of combat and to honor those that stood with you against those that have wronged you.

Maybe I am being a bit dramatic but, given the flame and degree of things so far (from what I have read) it seems at least...fitting.

Just one drunken dwarf's with it as you wish naturally...*wink*

Jeff the Baptist said...

Are you planning on having the forums BACK at .org or do you plan on staying on .us?

There is no reason that once Oleg has ownership of the domain back, he can't point both Org and Us at the same server. Then we can have both.

Anonymous said...

The Guy here from Appleseed/RWVA

Having gone almost this way early last year, I, among others, have been watching this with intrest. We have been pulling for you the whole way.

I posted the new link up at the Appleseed forum, and I hope our good members head back your way.

The HighRoad has been a high water mark on the net in terms of civility, information and pourpose. I believe it will continue, and Oleg and the "good mods" will always have our support.

Thank you for the forum, thank you for the standard, and see you in the future.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting that legal stuff, interesting.