Thursday, October 30, 2008

Revenge was sweet - but was it worth it?

I have to confess a sneaking sympathy for a man in Hartington, England.

When Martyn Wright discovered his girlfriend was having an affair with one of his own employees, the plant hire boss was determined to have his revenge.

And with a fleet of heavy machinery at his disposal, the businessman knew just how to strike back.

Yesterday a court heard how Wright crushed love-rival Anthony Simpson's 4X4 with a 13-ton digger after discovering risque text messages from the worker on girlfriend Linda Kirkham's mobile phone.

The father of two walked free from Chesterfield Magistrates' Court in Derbyshire with a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to criminal damage.

But he was ordered to pay his victim £2,500 compensation after district judge Liz Harte told him she had 'listened carefully to the circumstances in which this offence was committed.'

Speaking outside court, Wright, 30, said: 'Every bloke in the country who has been in the same position as me would cheer what I did'.

He added: 'When I finished I just parked up the digger and went home to wait for the police to arrive.

'But I've no regrets about what I did - he deserved it.'

Many of us who've been in similar positions might well have been tempted to do something similar - although not quite as spectacular!

That applies to the opposite sex, too. Who can forget the classic case of Lady Sarah Graham-Moon? In 1992, she found out that her husband, Sir Peter, was having 'a bit on the side'. She proceeded to pour a gallon of white paint all over his prized blue BMW; took a pair of scissors to his custom-made shirts, and cut four inches off the left sleeves of 32 of his tailored Savile Row suits, jackets and overcoats (costing $1,000 or more each, some much more); stamped on a box of extremely expensive Cuban Montecristo cigars, flattening them into the floor, and threw six more boxes of them out of the window; and went around the village where they lived, leaving the contents of Sir Peter's prized wine cellar (vintage wines worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars a bottle) on people's doorsteps like milk bottles. Her actions, and their subsequent divorce, made headlines around the world.

Now that's revenge!



Anonymous said...

Then there was the supposed case of the cement truck driver who discovered his wife was having an affair and so the trucker filled the other guy's car full of cement. Supposedly the trucker's boss didn't even make the trucker pay for the load of cement!

Amen to that!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I think it was worth. And I think Lady Sarah did a fine job of showing her own ire