Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doofus Of The Day #96

Yes, the parade of Doofi continues . . .

Today's is the (incredibly lucky) idiot who decided to race a $166,000 Ferrari 360 Modena through the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia.

Reports differ on whether it was the owner driving it, or his teenage son. If the latter, one suspects the kid is grounded for life!

A householder, who gave his name only as Vlado, said: 'I was outside my house talking when we heard something fly up towards us and it was this black Ferrari.

'It sounded just like "zing-zing" as it roared past.

'I have never seen anything travel as fast as that in my life - particularly in a suburban street. It was really motoring.'

A short time later, said Vlado, he saw the Ferrari was wrapped around the pole.

'Those men were lucky to be alive because the pole split the car in two and it's ended up where the gear stick should be.'

The un-named driver and his passenger were taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment, but their injuries were said to be not serious.

A doofus driver indeed! With luck like that, he'd better buy a lottery ticket, quick!



jeg43 said...

They have always said that Ferraris are so good a driver can put them precisely where he wants. You gotta give this doofus a few extra points - that pole is as precisely in the center of the car as can be.

Electricfunk said...

One must wonder how fast he was going to get the pole that far into the car.

Karen said...

Just so you know, that pole is a "sandwich"... 2 train tracks around a delightful filling of concrete. They call them "Stobie poles" and that's what they use in the state of South Australia (of which Adelaide is the capital) to hold street lights, overhead wires and such! Very durable and long lasting... difficult to damage in any way... but mean on cars if they stray!

Karen in Australia

lee n. field said...

Check this link from earlier this year:

2 Ferraris (different colors, different cities, though both in Australia), very similar accidents.

This one was done by the kid. They show him making the call to his Dad.

"Umm, Dad. Uh. ....."