Saturday, October 25, 2008

The visitors depart

I was sorry to see my guests leave this morning, but we had a great time together - including a last-minute photo shoot for the benefit of our readers.

For job-related reasons, most of us don't normally publish pictures showing our faces: so we hit on a compromise.

The picture shows Xavier, Ambulance Driver, Lawdog, his brother Chris, and yours truly - but not in that order. Have fun putting rear ends to names!

I've had several requests for a picture of Lawdog, who's one of the more in-demand denizens of blogland. Being a lawman, he didn't want his picture posted, particularly because he didn't want his fellow officers at his present agency to connect him with a certain story he's told: but I decided that truth should out, in this case. Here he is, full frontal.

Good-looking, isn't he?



phlegmfatale said...

And what a handsome ape he is! It takes someone special to pull off that hot-pink fur look after Labor Day.

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, and the three I've met of the other four of you apes are nice looking too! Bet it was a fine time, indeed. Looking forward to hearing stories... Oh, and we're guessing no one hazarded a break-in, after all?

Anonymous said...

Now we know why he was chosen to wear the suit...

Anonymous said...

Between your clues and AD's I can say with almost certainty, from the left- Lawdog, AD, Lawdogs brother Chris, Xavier and yourself.