Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doofus Of The Day #91

Today's Doofus award goes to the anonymous driver/operator of a road painting truck in Leeds, England. As the BBC reports:

Council contractors have been branded "ridiculous" after painting double yellow lines around a parked car.

The workmen made the decision during resurfacing and road lining work in Hyde Terrace in the Clarendon area of Leeds last weekend.

The car has been removed, leaving the yellow lines bulging out from the kerb.

Leeds City Council said: "The painting of these yellow lines around the parked car is clearly ridiculous." It said the offending lines would be removed.

That's almost as good as the US operator who painted road lines over roadkill!



dave said...

The offending lines will be removed? What about the offending employees?

Come to think of it, they'll probably get a bonus for helping their employers win a new come remove and repaint.

Sevesteen said...

The roadkill one is pretty common--I've seen a real-life version at lest twice.