Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lawdog's here!

Lawdog and his brother made it in from West Texas late this afternoon. We've just had a super Mexican supper at a local restaurant, and they're happily hunting through my books while I type this quick post.

I'll try to post at greater length late tonight or tomorrow morning, but right now I'm in entertainment mode - and the three of us are swapping stories of Africa and laughing hysterically. Some of them might even make it onto this blog in due course!

Tomorrow night Ambulance Driver and Xavier are joining us, and we'll be wining and dining late into the night. You may be duly envious.



Easily Lost said...

y'all gonna need bail money before it's over and done with? I'll start up a collection ;)

Anonymous said...

Have fun.

Julie said...

you guys really do need to move closer to this part of the world - i'm just SOOooo jealous :)

Seriously - enjoy ... but not tooooo much!

HollyB said...

Having been inn the company of 4 of the 5 "gentlemen" listed, I DO envy you. Any one of you is a delight, but the 4 I know together? Fun overload!
I'd be massaging my cheeks from all the smiles and laughter.