Sunday, September 20, 2009

The best fighter jet video I've yet seen

I enjoy videos of high-performance aircraft doing their thing. This one, showing French Air Force Mirage 2000 fighters (with occasional appearances by Alpha Jet trainers, one of which was probably the camera aircraft) is the best I've yet seen.

Poetry in motion! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



Cathode 'Ray' said...

I saw a video on you tube made from this same French movie. It is fantastic. The music, I didn't know at the time, is from Madonna and is called "Push Me" or something like that. Git looking fer it. It is shot in the French Alps.

Old NFO said...

Pretty video, too bad they are a generation behind the true front line fighters... In reality they would be dogfood in a real dogfight. Underpowered, limited in Max G compared to our birds.

Fly To Your Dreams said...

According to the IMDB and Wikipedia entries for this movie, most of the aerial footage was shoot with a camera mounted in a modified drop-tank on another Mirage 2000.

But I agree, it's some absolutely fantastic looking work.

JPG said...

Peter, there may well have been some Alpha Jets shown, but - - I agree that much if not all the camera work was done from a Mirage 2000B. There's some footage of a [pretty rare!] open cockpit fighter jet. It starts with a side view at about 2:34 and continues with a top view immediately thereafter.

Handling the cameras in that rear seat must have been excitement second only to handling the controls . . .