Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Stossel on Obamacare

I've written in the past about the manifold problems presented by the current Administration's plans for centralized, subsidized health care. John Stossel, in a piece for ABC's 20/20 investigative reporting program, puts things into a short but handy perspective. Here it is.

I couldn't agree more! Obamacare is an abomination, at least as currently planned by the Democratic Party and the Administration. Delenda est Obamacare!



Old NFO said...

Agreed! and people just WON'T Listen!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, I take it you have a health care plan that covers everything and doesn't leave you poor at the end of a long illness? Good for you. Janet

Rachel said...

I'd rather be poor and alive at the end of a long illness than die because I was on a waiting list. And I'm speaking as someone with a chronic illness who currently does not have health insurance.

I posted this video to my Facebook profile!