Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bull in a china shop - 2009 version!

Or, perhaps, as the Daily Mail put it, 'cows in a convenience store'!

Surprised shoppers had to swiftly 'moove' out of the way when two escaped cows took an unexpected detour into the supermarket in Puyallup, Washington, U.S.

Sadly the runaways barely had time to grab a pint of milk, as their freedom was shortlived.

In a scene that would have impressed Buffalo Bill, the shop turned into a cattle ranch as cowboys rounded up the fugitive steers.

There's more at the link.

The entire affair was captured on security camera. Here it is. (Don't adjust your speaker volume - there's no soundtrack.)

Looks like the cowboy had fun! I'm surprised both steers and the horse managed to keep their feet on the slick, polished floor. Ice-dancing, anyone?



raven said...

Well that's one way to advertise the Western Washington State Fair!

Anonymous said...

Actually, at least one of the cows didn't keep her footing very well; you can see around 0:35, that when the second one tries to back up, her hind hooves slip, and she has to struggle for a few moments to get her footing again.

I'd imagine that the reason they didn't slip any more than that one time is because they moved slowly.
Frankly, I'm more amazed that a mounted man managed to get into a store - I'd think he'd risk hitting his head on the doorway!