Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving day

Not much energy to blog tonight, friends. I moved house today, so I'm sitting in a new (rented) place, surrounded by boxes, bags and more boxes, trying to figure out where supper's coming from (I know it's in a box somewhere - the question is, which box? In which room?)

I'll try to get back to normal blogging tomorrow, if a heap of boxes doesn't fall on me and crush me!



Jumblerant said...

Good luck unpacking. We moved last month and today I'm throwing out the last (empty) box!

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Moved one time, and when I got to one box several weeks later, there was a missing tuna sandwhich that the movers had wrapped in paper & placed in the box. (Let imagination take over from here . . . )

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Hals und Bein bruch! I'm still living out of boxes, but then I seem to move every two years or so. Just use big markers to label the boxes, so you can read them from far awa'.