Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pachelbel's Canon - has it been fired?

I'm sure many readers are familiar with the famous piece of Baroque music known as Pachelbel's Canon. For those who aren't, here's a rendition of it in its classical form.

Reader Tom C. e-mailed me the link to this rant by comedian-musician Rob Paravonian about the Canon, and its purportedly sinister influence on much of modern music. When I stopped laughing, I thought you might enjoy it, too.

LANGUAGE ALERT: Not always safe for work or children.

To my surprise, Tom turned out to be unfamiliar with one of the most innovative modern renditions of the Canon, performed in heavy rock mode by Taiwanese guitarist Jerry C. Here it is, for those who haven't heard it. It's long since become a viral favorite on YouTube.



Diamond Mair said...

The original Canon, as well as Vivaldi's Spring portion of The Four Seasons suite, are the auditory equivalent of about 5 mg. of Valium for me {I only TAKE 2.5 mg. of Valium as needed ;-)}.

I think The Canon has such an effect because it somehow reminds me of my youth, in the Church, listening to/participating in Gregorian chants, when ALL problems could be offered up to God & the Blessed Virgin {I know time-wise, I'm probably comparing apples to oranges, but there you are.} ;-)

Semper Fi'

jbrock said...

I'm a musician, amongst other things, so the Canon rant cracked me up.

The kid with the Strat ain't half bad, either. ;)

(wv: quish. No idea what to read into that one.

LL said...

This was a VERY entertaining blog post. Well done for assembling it and well done to the comedian and the guy who rocked it hard.

Old NFO said...

Well done on all three counts! Three very different approaches!

joe said...

Cool. I needed a laugh tonight!