Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Light blogging for a few days

I'll be heading for Colorado tomorrow, to join in the fun and games at this year's Blogorado gathering. A couple of dozen other bloggers will be there, and a veritable arsenal of firearms and ammunition will be enjoyed and employed by all concerned.

FarmDad's killed several of his fatted calves; I've no doubt FarmMom (ably assisted by Farmgirl) is preparing trays of 'scrappy nibbles' to ambush the unwary; the Atomic Nerds have brewed up multiple barrels of their (and our) favorite suds; I'm bringing several bottles of Van Der Hum (one of my favorite liqueurs, although most Americans have never heard of it); even though she can't join us, Dixie's sending several jars of her cauterizing hot sauce (which I understand is under consideration for inclusion in the next nuclear arms reduction treaty); Miss D.'s taking a redeye special from Alaska, getting into Denver (where I'll collect her) at some unearthly hour of the morning; Oleg's arriving shortly after her (also to be collected), weighed down with cameras and lenses; our hotel reservations (which had mysteriously disappeared last week, when I checked them) have been re-confirmed; Lawdog, Phlegmmy, the Expert Witness and Matt G. are on their way up from Texas; Old NFO is interrupting his global high-jinks to join us for a few days . . . should be a good time! I'm heading out in the morning for the two-day drive to Colorado, vehicle loaded to the gunwales with things that go bang (except when they're wearing suppressors, as do many of Oleg's toys) and therefore shouldn't be sent through airport security for fear of causing multiple heart attacks among TSA drones employees.

I've put up some posts that will be published at pre-set dates and times over the next couple of days, until I'm settled enough to post again. I'll try to contribute a few from Blogorado, perhaps with pictures. If things are a little sparse in the interim, enjoy yourselves in the archives.



skidmark said...

Do all participants have deer tags this year?

stay safe.

Keads said...

Have a great time and a safe trip!

Old NFO said...

Peter, I'm flying in, what time are Oleg and Wing arriving???

On a Wing and a Whim said...

NFO - 6am for me, 8:40 for Oleg. What time for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy, look out Colorado! You are on my old stomping grounds. And yes, did everyone chip in for AD's deer tag for this year?

WV: pheadme - What the LawDog's old pet Phydeaux would croak under the house floor, IIRC.