Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An unwise Christmas present?

I reckon a British family are having second thoughts about the Christmas present they bought their 7-year-old son.

A seven-year-old boy sparked a major security scare after discovering a buried WWII bomb – with a metal detector he got for Christmas.

Sonny Cater was exploring fields near his house when the National Geographic metal detector, worth £30, led him to a mud-caked metal capsule.

He took it home but his father Jem, 37, became suspicious as he washed it under a tap and contacted a relative who is a former RAF armourer.

The family were told to immediately call the police and a bomb disposal squad was dispatched to their home in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

. . .

Yesterday his mother Tracey said that, despite the drama, the incident proved that Sonny's Christmas present worked.

She said: "We are dumbfounded that he discovered this on his first go.

"We are going to go out again to see if he can find something Roman. It has made our Christmas."

. . .

"We feel a bit silly now we know it could have potentially been dangerous but its not often we go exploring and end up with a bomb in a bucket of water at the end of the garden.

"I should imagine there was a few curtains twitching on our road on Boxing day.

"There was the police and bomb disposal outside our house the neighbours must have thought we were mad."

There's more at the link.

Talk about making the holidays go with a bang!


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acairfearann said...

I've always thought it telling of something, what I am not sure, that the problem of unexploded ordinance from WWI or WWII merits at most a raised eyebrow in the UK and Europe...it is not charitable of me to think that the same parents in the US would be having utter hysterics.