Friday, January 18, 2013

OK, that's low!

There's an interesting thread at the Airline Pilot forums, showing many aircraft flying as low as possible, in both peace and war.  Here are just a few photographs from the thread to whet your appetite. I've reduced them in size to fit here.

There are many more at the link.  Entertaining viewing for aviation buffs.



Noons said...

The low pass one in the last photo of the thread is amazing!
Excellent series.

DMN said...

In case you like low passes, I hope you havent missed these;

1. TU 22 Blinder, see 0.46 into vid..

2. TU22M3 Backfire, just listen... :)

... wicked russians... :)

Old NFO said...

Nice :-)

Murphy's Law said...

Too cool. Like I need any more bad influnces. Thanks!

TwoDogs said...

Reminds me of wisdom from Lex (RIP) You cannot break the record for flying low, you can only tie it.