Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Crabs - scratching the PETA itch?

My thanks to several readers who sent me the Twitter string below.

It seems PETA set up a billboard to try to stop determined crab lovers from eating them.  A benefactor edited the billboard, ever so slightly, in response.  That, in turn, inspired another benefactor to try to top it.

Grateful thanks to those who made up the "respondent billboards".  That was very unshellfish of them.  Since there are two of them, perhaps that could be described as a pincer movement?



Dave said...

This latest push also brought PETA into conflict with Jimmy's Seafood, a popular Maryland seafood joint.

Jimmy's, needless to say, was not amused and proceeded to bring LOTS of heat on their Twitter account: https://imgur.com/gallery/wmOru9P

Unknown said...

We should all send irate messages to Twitter, pretending we're animal rights wackos, and demand that they change those crab emojis to something that looks less like food.