Wednesday, September 5, 2018

OK, so just how did he think this was a good idea?

Sometimes one's left shaking one's head in disbelief.

Police shot a man after he reportedly shot at police from aboard a lawnmower on Labor Day ... Camelin Demetrius McRae, 25, was charged with three counts of attempted murder as well as second degree burglary, malicious injury to real property, injury valued at more than $2,000 but less than $10,000 and petit larceny.

Police encountered the man as they were investigating a break-in Monday morning, the AP reports.

A man riding a lawnmower on the other side of the street began driving toward the officers and fired at them ... In response, two Clio police officers fired back.

There's more at the link.

Was the ride-on lawnmower an assault vehicle, or an escape vehicle?  Either way, it doesn't seem to have done anything to help the suspect.  As for shooting while driving it . . . those things usually rattle the driver around pretty well, particularly on non-paved surfaces, so it can't have done anything to help his marksmanship (particularly since neither officer was hit).

Does this qualify as a case of driving (and/or shooting) while stupid?



Poodlehorde said...

Attempted suicide by police!

Jim said...

Sounds like he should have been the doofus of the day.