Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday morning music

In view of the political shenanigans currently roiling Washington D.C. over the judicial nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, this morning's music is in (dis)honor of those politicians who are turning the matter into a self-promoting circus.

We start with (what else?) the Governor's "Sidestep" from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

And, of course, in sex as in politics, these days, "Anything Goes".

We should, of course, note that political hypocrisy isn't confined to these shores. Jethro Tull sings of the "Commons Brawl" in England.

And, of course, the perpetual cry of the whiny progressive, much in evidence over the past week or two:  "Come be PC"!  It's from an unusual source:  a series composed by a YouTube artist, "Chris Ray Gun", titled "Social Justice:  The Musical".

I've no doubt readers can suggest, in Comments, additional theme music for the Kavanaugh circus confirmation hearings.



Old NFO said...

THose are SO on point...LOL

Kevin said...

Love your last trilogy was wondering can you give any ETA on upcoming books

Peter said...

@Unknown: Look for the sixth volume of the Maxwell Saga in November, and another omnibus edition in December.

Kevin said...

Thanks for info.