Thursday, March 20, 2008

40,000 and counting!

A few moments ago my 40,000th visitor arrived. He/she's in the Sandy, Utah area.

Utah's one of the few States I've not yet visited. It's on my agenda, I promise!

Thanks for stopping by.



LMB said...

Hey Preacherman, have you ever visited California? If so, what was your opinion of the state (I mean landwise, not the politics! :D )

Peter said...

Yes, I've spent a month-long visit in California as well as several shorter visits. Physically, it's beautiful. In terms of other aspects, it's rather less attractive.

To illustrate, imagine a first-time visitor to America (me) arriving in San Francisco on the same weekend as the Gay Pride Parade! I'll never forget being confronted by hordes of bike-riding bare-breasted ladies waving signs saying "Dykes On Bikes"! I'll have to blog about it sometime.