Thursday, March 27, 2008

Casting frogs upon the waters?

Another interesting news report tells us of Nicolas the frog, found in a garden pond in England (and named, inevitably, for the current Prime Minister of France!).

It seems Nicolas tried to get through some netting covering his pond, and broke his leg. A diligent veterinary surgeon put it all back together and placed a cast on the leg, and the frog is now recovering from his injury.

What got me chuckling was the name of the veterinary hospital to which Nicolas was taken: "St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital".

Saint Tiggywinkles???

Good grief . . .


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Denise said...

I had to check to see what St. Tiggywinkles was patron saint of, but according to the Christian Science Monitor, there is no real saint by that name. The hospital is named for a character in a Beatrix Potter book. Thank heavens. For a while I thought the Catholic Church had really gone off the deep end.