Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Japanese TV stunts #2

You may remember our first look at Japanese TV stunts. Here's another.

I don't speak Japanese, but I gather that the point is for each contestant to speak a tongue-twisting phrase or sentence aloud. If he gets it right, he's golden. If he makes a mistake, a mechanical nut-slapper hits him where he lives.

The results are hilarious!

I have no idea how Japanese TV stations can get away with this sort of contest. Try doing it here in the USA and you'd have lawyers all over you!



Anonymous said...

So these dufii sign up for this voluntarily? Or are they convicts offered a chance at stardom? Or perhaps, well, I can't think of any other possibilities at the moment.

Seems to me once one gets slapped, it's going to be hard for the rest to remain concentrated on the task at hand, and the results pretty much bear that out.

Yeow! Must be one heck of a prize.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Ken!

(obligatory MXC reference)

Anonymous said...

This same group of 'artistes' have two other videos, one in a library and another in an English language class.

Too damn funny!

If their grandfathers had tried this instead of flying airplanes into ships and charging machine guns whilst waving swords, we might still be at war.

Crucis said...
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Crucis said...

I would have liked to see the contestants grab the host and his off-side "assistant" and whack them in the crotch a few times. They might not think it's so funny then.

Anonymous said...

Go to YouTube and search for "Silent Library". If you don't end up gasping for breath laughing, go to the doctor and have your sense of humor re-attached.