Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Texas Tale

Sergeant Murphy has a tale of Texas Torment on his blog.


It reminded me of my sister's favorite Texas story.

She, her husband and their two small children emigrated from South Africa to Canada in the mid-1970's, settling in the Toronto area. Shortly after their arrival she took her young son and daughter to Niagara Falls to show them the sights. They proceeded to take the boat tour of the bowl beneath the falls in one of those "Maid Of The Mists" vessels.

Aboard the packed boat was a man whom everyone instantly recognized as being from Texas. I'm not sure how he was so easily identified . . . perhaps the ten-gallon hat, cowboy boots, spurs and longhorn belt buckle had something to do with it.

Everyone was waiting for him to say something disparaging about Niagara Falls because "Texas has something bigger and better" - but he was silent all through the trip.

My sister, unable to restrain herself, said to him as the passengers were disembarking, "You know, we were all waiting for you to tell us that Texas has something bigger and better than this."

He turned slowly, looked at her solemnly, and with a dead-pan expression said, "No, Ma'am. In Texas we got plumbers that can fix this!"



Old NFO said...

LOVE it...LOL And that 'would' be in keeping with the Texas mentality... :-)

Murphy said...