Monday, March 17, 2008

Doofus Of The Day #12

Leon Haynes is just your ordinary gangsta guy: ready, willing and able to help out a buddy in a tight spot.

At least, that's how he must have seemed to Covi Henry in Manchester, England, when he asked Haynes in August last year to help him shoot a rival gangster and drug-dealer, and gave him a gun to hold until the time was right.

I bet he's wishing he chose a more practiced sidekick.

You see, Haynes duly drew the gun from his waistband on command - and shot Henry in the neck.

Not quite what Henry had in mind.

Still, you can't say Haynes wasn't dedicated. He fired four more times, severely injuring their intended victim, then dragged Henry off with him. Regrettably for both gang-bangers, police arrested them later that day. Their victim recovered in hospital.

Both Haynes and Henry are now serving long jail sentences in England. One hopes they'll be in the same prison, where Henry will have plenty of time to ask Haynes about his marksmanship and Haynes will have plenty of opportunity to defend himself. With any luck they'll remove each other from the gene pool before we have to worry about their presence in society once more.

This raises an interesting question. Who's the greater doofus? Haynes for shooting his erstwhile gangsta mentor, or Henry for choosing such a low-quality gangsta assistant? Answers in comments, please.



Drang said...

But, but, but... guns are illegal in England!

Billll said...

Good help is always hard to find, especially in a place like England where guns are banned, making it even more difficult to find someone competent to use them. Alas, this also applies to the police who seem to be shooting themselves, and their partners now that more of them are being issued firearms. In all fairness our erstwhile shooter probably wasn't that much worse a shot than the cops, scoring multiple hits on the intended target to only one on his employer.

Anonymous said...

I sat on the jury that convicted these two. Believe me it's no laughing matter. Both are as far from being upstanding members of the community as it is possible to be. Haynes aged 17 is a product of a society that is culpable of allowing such 'kids' to seek refuge and justice behind firearms, without thought for the consequences of their actions.

Windy Wilson said...

Anonymous, you mean he DIDN'T know by age 17 that shooting other people who weren't actively trying to hurt you is WRONG?

Blame it on Society if you must, but remember that millions of other pore deprived yoots trained by that same Society don't shoot other people.